F. Brunelleschi - L. Da Vinci

Institute of Higher Education

The Institute of Higher Education “Filippo Brunelleschi-Leonardo Da Vinci” of Frosinone is a Public Institute with the following fields of study: Technical Institute for Surveyors  (Construction, Environment and Territory), Economic Technical Institute (Administration, Finance and Marketing and Business Information systems, International Relations for Marketing). It also provides a section for adult education with evening courses for Accountants and Surveyors and a section in the local  state prison.

Number of students enrolled: 790. Among them there  are many foreign students from various ethnic groups (Romanians, Albanians, Chinese, Brazilian, Congolese, Moroccans, Egyptians). The staff  totals 110 units.

It has participated to numerous public announcements, on various issues completing all the projects successfully. It is a Test Center  accredited for the achievement of the ECDL, European Computer Driving Licence, EUCIP CORE and Trinity English exams.

According to the authoritative research-Eduscopio (Fondazione Agnelli), the institute has been recently ranked  first among the economic institutions of the territory for the learning and quality level of students.

In our PTOF (Triennial Plan Training Offer), there are projects related to new technologies and international partnerships. In particular, the institute was awarded the project “Cl@sse 2.0” for experimenting with new teaching methods with the use of ICT; the wireless project for the expansion of the network. It is also one of the few Italian schools to have adhered to the GARR network – ultra broadband that connects the world’s universities and research institutions. In the territory of Frosinone the Institute works with passion and commitment to achieve the educational goals of all students using the tools that school autonomy allows schools such as: the flexible articulation of school, open classes, the weekly organization of activities. The Institute is involved is some important International network such as:

  • EFVET (European Forum for Vocational Educational and Training – www.efvet.org) that is   one of the leading European-wide professional associations which has been created by, and for, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers.
  • INNOTECS network (International Network of Technical Schools – www.innotecs.eu) that is an International organisation for deans and directors of Technical schools, mainly focused on Vocational Educational Training level and High school level.

Among the projects that the school carries out we  could mention  the participation to  several relevant European Erasmus+ projects,  for the training of teachers, eTwinning, students mobility, experiences of school-work in Italy and abroad. These facilities include the three weeks internships abroad  carried out by our students in Malta, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom. At present, the school is actively involved in several Erasmus+ projects, such as the Erasmus+ “Practical Skills Matter”, “ACT!” and many more, Life Long Learning projects, as the 2017-1-IT02-KA101-035505 “Sviluppare l’innovazione” and so on.  Thanks to these projects, there will be important mobilities for students and teachers to The Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Spain, Romania, Finland, Germany, Denmark, The UK and Ireland.

The evident international dimension of IIS “Brunelleschi-Da Vinci” is also represented by an incredible project  with China. A group of students and teachers is about to go to China in order to get familiar with  a new developing and fast growing economy.  Several Chinese companies will host our students, thanks to the significant collaboration and the signing of important agreements by the Headmaster, Mrs Patrizia Carfagna and different Chinese Chambers of Commerce of some of the most important provinces. This unique possibility will allow our students to get in touch with an extremely relevant economic power of our times and to project themselves into an international dimension.

The strong innovative value of assets are  recognized also by the local authorities, the Chamber of Commerce, Unioncamere and Aspiin of Frosinone, as well as by the Province and the City of Frosinone.

Innovation is one of the key words that characterize  IIS “Brunelleschi-Da Vinci”. The school is one of the 100 Italian ones selected by the Ministry of Education to experiment a 4 years secondary school course as concerns the business  branch  and award a Diploma in International Relationship for Marketing.  It is an extremely important and significative didactic experiment that will allow students to get their secondary high school diploma one year before than the rest of their mates. It is a great challenge for the school, for teaches and students to keep up with the needs of a constantly evolving society. Thanks to the cooperation with the German BBS Wirtschaft 1 institute (Ludwigshafen), we are partners of the EBBD network (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma), www.eurobacdiploma.eu, the new international Business course that will be implemented  for the innovative 4 years business class.  The European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – EBBD allows students and adult learners to acquire label of excellence in the field of  vocational business education. The required competences of this diploma form a standard harmonised throughout Europe. The EBBD portfolio (curriculum) defines a graduate’s profile, which can be reached in the various national education systems and in different ways. EBBD standards focus on learning outcomes. These are written as competent abilities from the three perspectives of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Knowledge, Skills and Competence mainly on the EQF levels 4 and 5. The EBBD should develop to a standard supporting the mobility of graduates and increasing their labour market opportunities. The European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – EBBD represents an added value for the graduates, the participating educational organizations and for the economy.

The IIS “Brunelleschi-Da Vinci” has been identified by the Ministry of Education as a center for the provision of school English courses for primary school teachers, English courses for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) for school teachers secondary of the province of Frosinone.

In this school year it has once more been  credited as a venue for the provision of CLIL methodology courses which will start soon in agreement with the University of Rome. Having also signed agreements with the main universities of the region, it is home to accredited teacher training and for the Internship Training Assets (TFA) on different disciplines.

Since last year, the Institute is a center  for the initial training of newly hired teachers.

Teachers are therefore particularly interested in furthering their education in order to broaden the cultural horizons towards internationalization.


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